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rahrahroundupAll Oklahoma facilities licensed by state health officials that have public restrooms will be “required to post signs directing pregnant women to seek services other than abortions…It is unclear whether the signs are required to be posted in both male and female restrooms.”

There are so many reasons why we smuggle our desire, why we keep it hidden in secret compartments and rarely offer others a look, but primarily it comes down to fear. Fear of what someone else will think, fear that you won’t get what you are asking for, fear of humiliation, fear of giving someone leverage to hang over you, fear of actually getting what you desire.”

Trump won the Presidency by gas light. His rise to power has awakened a force of bigotry by condoning and encouraging hatred, but also by normalizing deception.”

“She told Electric Literature that the book’s title was inspired by her own witchy qualities: ‘A bruja to me is one who can, among other things, live on other planes than just the one we think we know and refer to as reality.’ It’s testament to Ortiz’s courage as a memoirist that she’s willing to live for a while on this submarine plane, among the elements that dictate her fate — and to invite her readers along for the show.”

Sonequa Martin-Green of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be first black woman lead in a ‘Star Trek’ series.”

“Indeed, it’s often hard to untangle the criticism and evaluation of Meg White: The Musician from Meg White: The Female Body. In the fan communities, on the forums and the message boards and blogs, the criticism is most unyielding and brutal. The community discussion board on Pearl Jam’s official website has an ‘Official Meg White Can’t Play Thread, in which members fixate to a substantial degree on what they deem the offensiveness of her drumming, but much more often on her chest and general appearance.”

“It occurred to me then that, although I did not live in the time of Arthur Rimbaud, I existed in the time of Bob Dylan. I also thought of my husband and remembered performing the song together, picturing his hands forming the chords.”

“It’s a classic story: woman makes joke, man emphatically repeats it back to her, either because he thinks she didn’t realize she made a joke or because he always claims anything good as his own.”

You can listen to me embarrass myself on a podcast where I give some shout outs to Weird Sister HERE.

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