The 2016 DNC OMMMGGGGuide: What Writers Are Drinking to Get Through Election Season

2016 DNC OMMGGuide - What Writers Are Eating & Drinking This Election Season

Summary: People are eating Cheetos and drinking Sauvignon blanc.

Y’all, I can’t tell you if there’s been a day that didn’t include some kind of personal freak out around the US Presidential campaign. It seems everyone is in some way.


Everyone is freaking out

About 1,970,000 posts about freaking out.

But as writers, we have a latent talent. And no, it isn’t offering clear but tender insights written on the soft belly fur of us humans. It’s our full-force but still narrative-driven capacity to self-medicate (I see you, poets). Note: I don’t necessarily see self-medicating as inherently wrong. Some of us (I see you, poets, who eat clean/yoga/notliveinNewYorkCity) successfully live lives that counter our demons in healthy ways (ping me?).

I reached out to literary friends and acquaintances near and very, very far (thank you, Facebook!), and asked what they’ll be, and have been, consuming as they watch the emotional circus of our present political state. 

Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Poet

Lavender-cherry vodka cocktails. Chinese take-out. Poetry.

Suman Chhabra, Poet and Fiction Writer

Chipotle Black Bean and Rice Skillet with sauvignon blanc.

Feliz Lucia Molina and Ben Segal, Poet, Fiction, & Non-fiction Writers

On the last nite, we’re eating Half-baked (Ben & Jerry’s), sour gummy worms, coconut water, kind bar, green naked juice, and Flaming hot Cheetos (lime).

Paisley Rekdal, Poet

It’s all Bulleit Rye, or High West’s Double Rye, neat. Sometimes, if I’m feeling frisky or particularly gloomy (as with the Republicans), I’ll have a Manhattan–also appropriate since they don’t think any “American values” are to be found in Manhattan. When it gets really bad, I have straight tequila: Vida Blanco.

Melissa Seley, Autofiction Writer

Alex [my husband]  and I will be driving up to Nor Cal. I plan to hit up In n’ Out for an animal style cheeseburger and fries, a meal I might feel mildly guilty about except it seems fitting, in ’90s Clinton mode, to indulge in a burger and fries, plus, obviously, this entire election season is the ultimate animal style. Like, Animal Farm, eat your heart out.

Soham Patel, Poet

Rhymes with blurb. Vhagherela bhath and masala chaas.

Ed Lin, Fiction Writer

Barley tea to fight the heat!

Sarah Boyle, Poet

Beer from our Allagash Brewery tour this afternoon. “Baconesque” smoky cheddar popcorn from Trader Joe’s. Peanut butter salt water taffy from the Goldenrod in York Beach, Maine while we are on vacation!

Gina Apostol, Fiction Writer

Rose and cheese puffs.

Helene Achanzar, Poet

I’m alternating between Tylenol Sinus (non-drowsy) and Sudafed Pressure + Pain (for adults). I’m also sucking on lots of Ricola, the regular flavor. Lol the flavor is called “Original Herb”.

Trent Morse, Nonfiction Writer

Sauvignon blanc.

Tim Yu, Poet

A book.

Nerissa Balce, Nonfiction Writer

I wait for live feeds and video clips on Facebook and Twitter. Since we are 12 hours ahead in the Philippines, it is breakfast time here in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. Self-medicating with Negrense coffee, mangoes and mangosteen.

Monica Ong Reed, Poet

Shiraz. Ice cream. Cherries.

Dan Lau, Poet

Meatloaf sandwich and IPA.

Amy Meng, Poet

Definitely puffed Cheetos. (Also my snack of choice while watching GoT.) It makes me feel comforted and grossed out at the same time.

Leah Schlachter, Poet

Refried beans and rice.

Tiana Nobile, Poet

I totally drank an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio by myself yesterday. Siiigghhhh

Lara Stapleton, Screenwriter and Fiction Writer

Ha ha, the other night as I was sitting on the couch of a friend who has been much more shrewd in his mix of activist-creativity and making a living (omg, I am inspired to learn). I was near his kitchen that is as big as my apartment, and eyeing two devices for which I cannot name the use. I ordered Japanese food, alongside Erica Miguel…eel and shrimp tempura sushi and rangoon dumplings. Erica fell asleep during Bubba’s speech. How ironically we watched him speak of his fantastic relationship with the woman he so publicly and repeatedly betrayed. That night was probably the weak night.

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