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Go here to watch a documentary on Discwoman, “a New York-based DJ collective and booking agency, exploring the role of women in electronic music”.


“Members of the Missouri House of Representatives met Tuesday to discuss the state’s 2017 budget. The result? Nearly $380,000 in cuts and a plan to strip all Planned Parenthood funding from the budget. MO House Republicans led the movement, saying they didn’t think any state money should go toward funding abortions. They ignored, however, the many other services Planned Parenthood provides to Missouri residents and women everywhere. Based on the state’s budget from 2014, these Planned Parenthood cuts will likely affect cervical exams, HPV vaccines, and birth control—making this budget bill a serious and unreasonable threat to women’s health.”

A new study finds that online harassment of women has become the ‘established norm,’ with 76% of women under 30 experiencing some form of abuse or harassment online and one in four women under 30 having received general threats of physical violence.”

Amber Rose reminded those criticizing an adult woman who is “comfortable with her body” to check themselves where classism is concerned.

“Around the world, women and girls collectively spend billions more hours than men and boys on unpaid labor at home. This household inequity is the subject of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual letter, released last week. In it, the billionaire couple explain that ‘Unpaid work is what it says it is: It’s work, not play, and you don’t get any money for doing it.’ So naturally, even in economically developed countries like the United States, the people who tend to do it are women. Whether they want to or not.

Katie Tastrom on the ways in which she and her partner “incorporate anti-capitalist values” into their parenting.

“I teach filmmaking at the University of Colorado Boulder and with each of my classes, I bring in more voices, forms, and strategies for what a filmmaking practice can be. When you see a Film 101 syllabus, the filmmakers are almost exclusively white and male. Women are sometimes mentioned in the experimental section. For each of my classes, it’s necessary to reassess the cannon along lines of gender, race, and intersecting identities. My Film Studies 101 would feature directors such as Kelly Reichardt, Claire Denis, Agnes Varda, and Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Julie Dash, Debra Granik, and Barbara Kopple.”–Filmmaker and professor, Kelly Sears

Anyone in Munich? This Chantal Akerman/Annette Messager exhibit looks incredible. “Les Approches examines existential and autobiographical elements that form a common thread in the artists’ oeuvres, including their mutual quest to both improve representations of women and the position of female artists in the broader critical context of the visual arts since the 1970s.”

Have you checked out the podcast, Sagittarian Matters yet? This week, author Michelle Tea “doles out advice on anxiety and work,” writer and cartoonist Ariel Schrag “talks truth in comics” and graphic novelist and podcast host, Nicole J. Georges gives “romantic advice.”

Check out this new poem (and messy bed pic!) from Weird Sister founding editor, Marisa Crawford over at Bedfellows this week.

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