Best of 2015: Top 10 Feminist Zines, Chapbooks & Blogs

In no particular order:


  1. Tinkypuss: my favorite local feminist fashion line has its own zine! With writing from Athens’ feminists on music, identity, music, poetry, and more, this dreamy zine makes me feel warm and fuzzy about my (relatively new) hometown.

Shotgun Seamstress

2) Shotgun Seamstress #8: the newest issue of Shotgun Seamstress, a zine by and for Black punks, which I procured at the ATL Zine Fest this year. Osa Atoe writes on her travels in Nigeria, Black & Brown punk shows in Chicago, and much more– I highly recommend the anthology book of past issues of this zine too!

Honorary Men

3) Honorary Men by Marisol Limón Martinez: from Sarah McCarry’s Guillotine press, a beautiful chapbook about “time, memory, culture, gender, and music,” and so much more. Every chapbook from this press is pure gold.

Running in Place

4) Running in Place: Poems about Institutionality by Raquel Gutiérrez: Raquel’s press Econotextual Objects puts out such smart, on-point chapbooks; her own work blasts a much needed hole in the universe.

Copy Paper

5) Copy Paper: Ream 1 by Eunsong Kim: a enigmatic narrative that is razor sharp– no small feat. I became a huge fan of Kim’s ever since I saw her give a holy shit-excellent paper on Carrie Mae Weems and who gets to “own” photographs of slaves (Harvard thinks they do—ugh); she is a genius and this chapbook is bright with incisive clarity.

I Learned the Language of Barbs and Sparks No One Spoke

6) I Learned the Language of Barbs and Sparks No One Spoke by Shamala Gallagher: a brand new chapbook from dancing girl press, Gallagher writes on being messy, lovely, and full of feelings.

Image from Lesbrain's Twitter

7) Lesbrain (Myriam Gurba): Gurba is one of the funniest, smartest writers around, and her blog features her writing on adventures, travels, and feminist artist suicide spots.

Angela Simione

8) Angela Simione: A brilliant artist, Simione posts her work here as well as photos/scans of her hand written journal, making her blog deeply personal—something about reading someone’s journal in their own handwriting is so heart-making.

Speaking from the Diaphragm

9) Speaking from the Diaphragm (Vaginal Davis): One of the great great living artists. I was introduced to Davis when I saw her perform with Margaret Cho back in 2001.

Feel Beauty Supply

10) Feel Beauty Supply (Magdalena Zurawski): A brilliant series of essays exploring aesthetics that “begins with Immanuel Kant’s The Critique of Judgment and ends with Hurston’s Mules and Men.”

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