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rahrahroundup“[Birds of Lace] is influenced by the spirit of cunty women, criminal queers, wild open waters and DIY opulence.” – Birds of Lace Editor Gina Abelkop talks with ENTROPY in the latest edition of their small press interview series.

“We all have biases but the whole idea of ‘greatness,’ which arises out of a white male tradition, is so awful for poetry and for people.” – Bruce Covey talks with Fanzine about Coconut Books, poetics, and more.

“I thought, This is a great genre where I can get people’s voices, I can mold them, I can sculpt them. They’ll still pass through me, but I don’t want to be the one who’s speaking. I don’t want my voice to be on the page.”  – Juliana Delgado Lopera on ¡Cuéntamelo! (“Tell Me About It”), a collection of oral histories by LGBT Latino immigrants.

Artist and poet Truong Tran shares the inspiration behind his new solo exhibition Framed Targets, which “casts a spotlight on the ways San Francisco’s rapid gentrification is affecting artists and people of color.”

I wrote about CRYING: A PROTEST, the protest/performance for Ana Mendieta organized at Dia: Beacon by Jennifer Tamayo and Christen Clifford.

Help fund this year’s VIDA Count.

Mark your venue, organization, or reading series’ commitment to “safer and more inclusive spaces” with this new “Enough is Enough” banner created by Shanna Compton.

What else happened this week? Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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