Rah! Rah! Roundup


The public cry-in for Ana Mendieta organized by Jennifer Tamayo is going down today! Bring your paprika, chalk dust, and blood tears for siluetas in the snow:

silueta erasure by Jennifer Tamayo


Also today: The second day of the Ms. Fembot Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon—where volunteers add and update the profiles of “women, trans, and/or gender non-conforming scientists, writers, scholars, filmmakers, artists, activists, politicians, and others”—is taking place at Ms.‘s office in Beverly Hills and in other locations around the world.

Ann Powers takes on Lana Del Rey, Kim Gordon, Kanye West, and Father John Misty in “Sympathy For The Devils The Lonely Existence Of The Outrageous Musician In An Age Of Civility,” urging musicians “toward a genuine analysis of […] patriarchal bull.”

It turns out women might use uptalk and vocal fry when they speak because they’re “more sensitive to subtleties in communication and social interaction and therefore more likely to pick up on and pioneer vocal cues.” Liiike duh?

“Power is a tricky and intransigent beast, and as a woman who has overcome the physical invasion of male power time and time again, I’d like for our society to be done with it too, this ghost of patriarchal victory.”      —Natalie Eilbert on the benefits and unexpected consequences of The Atlas Review‘s anonymous submissions policy for VIDA’s Reports from the Field column.

Avies Dreams, a coloring book by Makeda Lewis that you can buy here or download for free, explores “feminism, afrocentricity, death and rebirth, gender identity and power dynamics”:


Emily Lindin talks with Bitch about The UnSlut Project, “a movement for women to share their stories of slut-shaming and promote gender equality, sex positivity, and comprehensive age-appropriate sex education,” including the crowdfunded Slut: A Documentary Film.

The White House has launched “Let Girls Learn,” a global initiative to fund education for the 62 million girls who should be in school but are not.

There were tons of fantastic literary interviews this week, including these with Kathleen Ossip (on her book The Do-Over), Monica Ong (on “cultural silences, the body, and the Asian-American avant-garde”), Rosebud Ben-Oni (on “multiple selves who have communed with Ishtar, the Virigin Guadalupe and the Jewish God”), and Minal Hajratwala (on enlightenment, unicorns, and more).

“Such an anthology is necessary now. In fact, its time is overdue.”                —Candice Amich reviews Angels of the Americlypse: An Anthology of New Latin@ Writing at Waxwing.

Morgan Parker has been named the poetry editor of The Offing, a new literary magazine from the Los Angeles Review of Books launching later this month.

Pattern Behavior is a new tumblr combining vintage McCall’s patterns with some pretty colorful captions:

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.47.27 PM

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