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FUNNY FEMINISM #5: Being Seen – An Interview with Heather Jewett

A monthly column, Funny Feminism features conversations with feminist-identifying artists who use humor in their creative work.


I don’t actually remember how Heather Jewett and I met. Our introduction to each other could have been related to the riot grrrl movement, our many mutual friends or through simply living in Los Angeles at the same time. As a member of the now infamous queer electro-punk-pop band from the Bay Area, Gravy Train!!!!, Heather went by the name, ‘Chunx’ for eight years. Always a fan of Heather’s trailblazing honesty and fiercely feminist sense of humor, I clamored at the chance to interview her. Influenced by the campy and raw aesthetic of early John Waters films as much as she is by 80s and 90s blue-collar sitcom humor and by absurdist comedy, Heather Jewett is a force whose work cracks me up as much as it does inspire me to share my own voice with the world.

Photo credit: Tom Stratton

Photo credit: Tom Stratton

Equal pay shmequal shmay, I just wanna be able to eat bananas in public.

–Heather Jewett via Twitter

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