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Rah! Rah! Roundup

rah rah roundup“[T]o condemn the uprising in Charlotte would be to condemn a man for thrashing when someone is trying to drown him.” 

Self Care in the Multiracial Movement for Black Lives.

The Black Lives Matter Fall 2016 Syllabus.

Learning from Trans Poets” is starting soon at The Poetry Project. 

“[W]omen are going to rule the 2016-17 art season.”

A Queer Historical Tour of San Francisco’s Mission district.

On how women created book clubs.

Submit to Monstering, a new literary and cultural arts magazine, written by and for disabled women and nonbinary people.

The new issue of Neplanta is here, featuring work by June Jordan, Tommy Pico, Erika L Sanchez, and more.

[T]here’s a chance that when you are writing about personal vulnerabilities, you are not alone.” – Read an interview with Rios de la Luz.

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