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Marisa and I chatted about WEIRD SISTER over at the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog:

JT: What is a “weird sister”? How does one identify as or become a weird sister?

Marisa: I don’t think of a weird sister as a set or limited identity so much as a name that has a lot of literary, glittery, magic, strange, dark, dazzling and otherworldly connotations. A weird sister can be a witch, it can be a feminist, it can be someone who feels a little out of place or a little extra-awesome in her family or her community or the world…

Check out the full interview here…


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Rah! Rah! Roundup


April 1st kicked off National Poetry Writing Month. A bunch of Weird Sisters are NaPoWriMoing over at GirlPoWriMo—stop by for fresh feminist poems popping up every day!

The Poetry Foundation blog’s group of featured writers this month is omg radness—Jennifer Tamayo delivers a message from The Mongrel Coalition Against Gringpo, Trisha Low reminds us that “Poetry Is Not the Final Girl,” and Gina Myers tells us what she’ll do while she’s not at AWP.

For those of us who are going to AWP this week, come say hi to WEIRD SISTER!

In other literary news, Morgan Parker is launching her new book, Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night, into outer space tonight in NYC.

Read The Volta’s great review of Rosa Alcalá’s Undocumentaries. Continue reading


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