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Rah! Rah! Roundup

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“While we respect that many people feel as though they want to be in solidarity with the city of Orlando, we are centering in this space the voces of #Pulse, the latinx and queer who are still as always the subject of multiple oppressions and erasures.” – Drunken Boat holds space for “queer latinx gente” to respond to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

“We need to include eating disorders in the larger conversation about mental health lest they continue to remain—to the greater public—dismissible, peculiarities of girlhood.” – JoAnna Novak talks with Nina Puro, Sarah Gerard and other writers about “the literature of eating disorders.”

I’m so excited about Tamara Winfrey Harris’s new column for Bitch, “Some Of Us Are Brave,” which highlights “the intersected identities and experiences of American women.” Continue reading

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YASSS and NAWW: bell hooks and Laverne Cox at The New School

bell hooks and Laverne Cox talk at The New School

bell hooks is not a fan of Orange Is the New Black. But she, like everyone else, loves her some Laverne Cox. The two sat down for a conversation as part of hooks’ recent residency at The New School, poised on either side of a coffee table like a Black feminist yin and yang: Laverne’s long blonde weave and red-bottoms, bell’s uniquely braided short hair and flat sandals. They agreed and didn’t agree. They acknowledged their varied histories and perspectives. They talked identity and love. They talked labels and risk. They did and didn’t cater to the patriarchal gaze.

Here are some moments when I shouted YASSS and NAWW during their talk. Continue reading


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