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Rah! Rah! Roundup


Finally, a Google Chrome app that “changes the word ‘man’ to something more appropriate”! And it’s called, you guessed it, Not All Men.

As you probably heard, since for some reason this news story turned everyone on social media into a total snark, Harper Lee will be publishing a second novel. Go Set a Watchman is a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, although Lee wrote Watchman first. And okay, okay, some of those posts were pretty funny, like this one that riffs on that Kanye-and-Paul-McCartney joke from a few weeks ago:

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Rah! Rah! Roundup

rahrahroundupPart Two of the Female Aesthetic(s) Symposium, moderated by Metta Sáma, went up this week on The Conversant. It features Racquel Goodison, Monica A. Hand, Patricia Spears Jones, Tracy Chiles McGhee, and Arisa White.

“Avant-garde poetry’s attitudes towards race have been no different than that of mainstream institutions.” – Cathy Park Hong in her essay, “Delusions of Whiteness in the Avant-Garde.”

Delirious Hem’s forum on Rape Culture and the Poetics of Alt Lit continues during November.

Sarah Seltzer’s interesting take on the Lena Dunham controversy explores the distinctions between triggering art and abuse.

Various cartoonists give their perspectives on writing characters of different races than your own.

Read an interview with Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, the artist behind the “Stop Telling Women To Smile” anti-street harassment campaign.

Women, Action and the Media (WAM) has partnered with Twitter to support women experiencing gender-based harassment on the social media platform. You can report any instances of harassment through this online form.

Poets in NYC met this week to talk about sexism and accountability in local poetry circles. Read the meeting handout here.

What did we miss? Share your links in the comments.

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