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ALL THE FEMINIST BOOKS: The Healing by Gayl Jones

This month. we asked our regular contributors to write about the feminist books that they love—books that struck a chord, for one reason or another, books they couldn’t put down, that they’ll never donate, that are underlined and dog-eared and bookmarked eternally, that you can maybe borrow, but you most definitely have to give back. Here’s Naomi on The Healing:


d_cCo003ff1Y4M6KXTXKp48x9Z_XKioeVhpfSyDHh5g,PZXm1Tyd8z9Okw_3_2gHV1uJcqd3Mf6iebfL4miadU0I have always had a sweet spot for stories centered on women with magical powers. I loved watching the show Charmed throughout my high school years and to this day the film Matilda reigns among my favorites. When I read the novel The Healing by Gayl Jones in grad school, finally I understood why I was attracted to female magic on television. It was even more than the power of transformation, agency, and spirit of playfulness that drew my attention. It was the actual healing—these women could fix things including themselves. Continue reading

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