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My London Diary 3: Fatherless London

This is part 3 of a serial comic about travel-as-time-travel between 15 and 35, family vacations and research trips, and learning about being a daughter & a mom & a woman or whatever in London, the place where I had my first training in independence & dependence & terror & writing & adventure & desire.

Previously on My London Diary: I went on a research trip to London with my mom and my two-year-old daughter, and remembered traveling to London for my mom’s sabbatical in 1996; through time travel, I turned myself into a 34-year-old Teen Mom, and realized with reluctance that this is also a story about dads. Or their absence. (Click on image below to view a full-size image of the whole page, or scroll down to see individual panels for easier mobile viewing.)


That’s it for this installment! Below are individual panels if you’re having trouble viewing the whole thing: Continue reading

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