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Rah! Rah! Roundup

rahrahroundup“The truth is that we are all changing all the time to each other.” It’s not about the pronouns, the denotations, but about context. In the parable that Nelson names her work for, “all of the parts of the Argo can be changed so every part of the ship is no longer the original ship. And yet it’s still called the Argo, much like our bodies and selves are replacing all the time.” – Ariel Lewiton interviews Maggie Nelson for Guernica‘s “Boundaries of Gender” special issue.

“Reluctant to ‘identify’ themselves by any means or terms, categories such as you and I, top and bottom, sub and Dom, man and woman, student and teacher, straight and queer are played with, turned inside out, discarded in the hope of achieving some kind of mutual recognition in the cracks between.”  – Hestia Peppe critiques Kathy Acker & McKenzie Wark‘s I’m Very Into You over at Full Stop.

“Aardvarks and Zebras are great and all, but Angela Davis and Zora Neale Hurston are just so much better. And that’s exactly the education you get when you pick up Rad American Women A-Z, a new book written by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl.” – Chantal Strasburger for TeenVogue on “the coolest feminist children’s book.” Continue reading

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New Sleater-Kinney Video for “No Cities To Love”

One of my favorite music videos of 2014 featured California indie dream rocker Jenny Lewis singing her song “Just One of the Guys” backed by a celebrity-studded band, including Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway. Now, there’s new Sleater-Kinney video for the title track from their surprise album No Cities To Love (what do you call a surprise album when the surprise party’s over?), and the band has “asked some of their friends to film themselves singing the title track”:

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