Rah! Rah! Roundup


Three noes, one for each of us: my rapist, the Institution, and me.”–Melissa Ferrone and Kelly Sundberg

“I know it may seem silly to talk about television and movies when hate is on the rise and the very soul of our country is at stake, but this is the exact time that artists must speak up.”–Jessica Mason

Finally! A menstruation coloring book.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas and vaginas, now you can have the best of both worlds.

During the past two weeks since the election, I, like many of us, have felt an incredible sense of hopelessness and sadness that I haven’t felt since I was very young, since before I found a way out of, or through, that pain by creating feminist art.”–Marisa Crawford on seeing The Julie Ruin two days after the election

Dear Ivanka, I’m afraid of the swastikas spray painted on my park.”

“After months of work, Gorka once again resigned from the project due to alleged harassment and abuse. In what Gorka perceives as clear retaliation, Affleck refused to honor the terms of her employment agreement, which included a ‘Director of Photography’ credit on the film.”–Read why I won’t be supporting the latest Casey Affleck film

R.I.P. Pauline Oliveros, pioneer of “deep listening”

Do you make comics or illustrations about resisting the normalization of fascism? Submit your work for a chance to have it included in the Resist! #NotMyPresident edition of 30,000 which will be distributed for free in DC on Inaguration Day as well as at the Women’s March the following day.

New Yorkers: I’m reading with Jes Tom, Karen Davis and Chloe Rossetti at the Poetry Project tonight. Come say HI!

What did we miss this week? Let us know in the comments! <3

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