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“There comes a time in every person of color’s life. Do you stay and become the resident educator, surround yourself with bigots and help them achieve a basic humanitarian skill set? Or do you save your self and your family and move back to a city where diversity is the only fresh air?”–Margaret Elysia Garcia in Hip Mama

Are you an employer of a domestic worker who is being targeted post-election? Here are resources to support the women, people of color and/or immigrants who may work in your home. 

Check out Electric Literature’s “Practical Ways for Writers and Teachers To Get Involved” supporting communities that Donald Trump’s presidency has put at extreme risk.

“It’s heartbreakingly sad. A couple of years ago, the thought hit me, like, I can’t be the only female of color working at this level. That can’t possibly be right! But talking to friends of mine and just being on sets, I haven’t seen women like me in this kind of position.”–Hannah Beachler, who dreamed up the visuals for Lemonade and Moonlight

The thing that first struck me was it’s all about dressing up and being pretty without the baggage of gender coding.“–From an article about children attending Drag Queen Story Hour

To create awareness about “how seemingly small things that we do or say can add up to a larger issue,” Sweden has set up a mansplaining hotline. Yes, that picture in the article may look familiar to you. I wrote about it here.

Listen to the latest episode of the “Get It Right” podcast in which Amy Aniobo, one of three black women on the diverse writing team of HBO’s Insecure talks “about what it’s like to be part of the new wave of television about Black women, written by Black women.”

I have so many feelings for this Dara Cerv poem on Cosmonauts Avenue. #Love

Our very own, Marisa Crawford has a second collection of poems coming out in early 2017 on Switchback Books! Hurray!

Are you a media practitioner inerested in telling stories “about how people and communities are finding hope, resiliency and restoration in the aftermath or midst of difficult times”? You have until November 28 to apply to be an ivoh Resotrative Narrative Fellow.

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