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rah rah roundup feminist literary roundup

“Maybe we’ve grown accustomed to swallowing these emotions and being quiet because we’ve seen that people often won’t take our word over his.”

“Women have locker rooms too, but mostly we just dry our hair and put our clothes on and talk about whether the yoga class was better or worse than last week’s.”

“It takes a misogynist man to make it OK for women to say “pussy” on the air or write it on Twitter.”

We need this reading of Zoe Leonard’s poem “I Want A Dyke For President” more than ever this week:

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature, and no woman won a Nobel Prizes in anything this year.

Fatter IRL,” opening this weekend in Brooklyn, celebrates “the work and labor of fat artists/bodies.”

For adding to your reading list: 100 books about lesbian and bisexual women.

Get your October movie night inspo from 31 days of feminist horror films.

Weird Sister contributor Naomi Extra is Cave Canem’s Poet of the Week.

The Free Black Women’s Library is having an October residency at Wendy’s Subway in Brooklyn.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments. <3

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