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“I expected to feel his presence oppressively, but instead, in that small space, I registered him as being barely there—an empty vacuum into which the winds of whiteness, maleness, money, bigotry, and big talk were constantly rushing. Rather than being drawn toward a vortex of charisma, I found myself floating away from Trump entirely, preferring to apply my mind to anything else in the room—toward the people around me, who told me unequivocally that he speaks for them.”–Read about Patricia Lockwood’s long, dark night in Trumplandia here.

“Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that women who seek abortions should be subject to ‘some form of punishment’ if the procedure is banned in the United States…”

Women are being charged for birth control that should be free under Obamacare.

Did Samantha Bee’s rape-kit bill bit help the bill pass?”

“When I asked whether there was medicinal cannabis out there to give relief to women with cramps, I was told that would be a ‘niche’ product. We’re here for that niche, which is made up of half the population.”–Whoopie Goldberg has launched a medical marijuana business.

“Last week, Roxane Gay announced that her debut novel, An Untamed State, is headed for the big screen.”

Vogue says in their Spring book guide, “bad girls reign supreme.” I think I’m most excited about this Molly Prentiss debut, Tuesday Nights in 1980 which is referred to as a “love letter to a vanished New York.” Yes.

I’m digging these poems by zakia henderson-brown over at The Offing.

“Mom chose the moniker of MOM because of instances where female creators weren’t taken seriously and felt that the name comes with a position of authority.  The Ladybug (Los Angeles Women’s Comic Creator Group) meetings are a safe haven for female creators where they can discuss the issues that affect them without fear of being demoralized by those who might not understand their perspective.”  You can read about how the Ladybugs are releasing their first anthology, the 132-page Ladybugs Volume One, containing the works of 17 L.A. area comic creators and more here.

Live near Scottsdale, Arizona? Today is your last day to check out the Betye Saar retrospective. Check out her piece, Weight of Persistent Racism below.

Weight of Persistent Racism

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