From the Girlhood Lit Canon: 10 Vintage Book Covers You Need Framed in Your Apartment

When we were younger, books about girlhood let us know we weren’t alone, and showed us that young women’s voices and stories are important; that girls can be smart, adventurous, playful, sad, and strong. Now that we’re all grown up, these amazing vintage covers would be just perfect for blowing up, framing, and hanging in our apartments.


Vintage Book Cover: Go Ask Alice

I just learned that this book wasn’t really written by an anonymous drug-addicted teenager like last year. What is definitely ultra-real though is this awesome cover. (Via)


Your favorite coming-of-age novel about a feminist high school cult looks just lovely in any room in the house. (Via)


Vintage Book Cover: Are You There God? It's Me Margaret, Judy Blume

Much like Margaret herself, I basically found religion in this book. And the cover = actual heaven. Go for the nearly blindingly beautiful original… (Via)


Vintage Book Cover: Are You There God? It's Me Margaret

And the dreamy 80’s redux. A perfect diptych. (Via)


Vintage Book Cover: The Bell Jar

This Victoria Lucas classic looks right at home in the boudoir. (Via)


Vintage Book Cover: A Wrinkle in Time

In 1963, Madeleine L’Engle’s YA fantasy classic was groundbreaking for featuring a young female protagonist in a sci-fi book. Frame this cover, place it on your mantle and repeat, “There is such a thing as a tesseract.” (Via)


Vintage Book Cover: The Bluest Eye

Thank goddess for this incredible book addressing racism, abuse, colorism, and beauty through the story of 11-year-old Pecola Breedlove. That tagline alone is frame-worthy. <3  (Via)


Vintage Book Cover: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Hang it next to your window, where you sit and daydream of Brooklyns past. (Via)


vintage The Woman Warrior book cover

Blending autobiography with folklore to create a complex portrayal of first-generation Chinese-American girlhood, this genre-defying collection makes a welcoming statement in the grand foyer. (Via)


Little Women vintage book cover

Ultra-vintage girlhood with scrolling vines n’ petticoats—perfectly placed in the sitting room where you take calls from suitors and hold afternoon tea.  (Via)


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  1. Love The Bell Jar cover, does the amazing work justice 🙂

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