Outfit of the Day Beyond 30: Boots Were Made for Power

Boots are Made for Power

The woman who wears
these shoes will be a warrior, will not think
about how wrong she is, how her calculations
look like the face of a clock with hands
ticking with each terrorizing minute. –Tina Chang, Duality 

Hello on this el Nino-warmed December day, Weird Sisters!

Whenever anyone points to the potential frivolity of style, I have a curator friend who says, “First we clothed ourselves, then we drew on cave walls.” Meaning that in the grand scheme of human development first came fashion, then came art. Fun fact about boots: The oldest known depiction of this tried and true footwear is in a Spanish cave painting that’s dated between 12,000 and 15,000 B.C.E.

First came boots. Then came art.

As you may or may not remember, about a month ago I put out a call for your best Power Outfits–your sartorial solutions to the onslaught of B.S. this world likes to throw; your enviable ensembles designed to strike fear in the hearts of slow walkers; or simply what you don to feel comfortable and confident when you travel to visit family.

I have to admit that I felt a little bad about adding to your list of things to do during the already busy holiday season, but I’m happy to report that a few of you took up the challenge in spite of your schedules…and boots showed up as key power players in both submissions.

Here are your stories.

Story 1: Courtesy of Sara Seinberg–Holistic Health Coach in Leyden, MA

My body feels free to be just how it is each day. It can grow or shrink or bloat or firm or anything. The “fit” of the MuuMuu encourages me to just feel how I feel. Plus, the winter months on the east coast need layers, which work fantastically under one of these beauties. They make rotating accessories a breeze and the boots add a solidness to the grace and motion of the MuuMuu’s natural movement. Plus, you can easily do any kind of activity that arises in this look.

Dancing? WERQ. Not a problem.

Shoveling snow in a flash storm? Timeless elegance plus total competence and strength.

Humbling drunk would-be assailants into submission and peace on earth? Totally handled.

This is an outfit that is easily transformed, a total joy and comfort from head to toe, and supports movement, confidence, strength, and warmth on all levels. And really sets off an insanely massive handmade pendant like a bawse.

Boots are Made for Power

Pictured: Elephant MuuMuu


Boots are Made for Power

Pictured: Scarf and Sweatshirt MuuMuu


Boots are Made for Power

Pictured: Black scarf, little brooch, handmade thrifted MuuMuu with now-deceased boots to follow


Boots are Made for Power

Pictured: Previously mentioned now-deceased boots


Story 2: Courtesy of Amal Joury–Lawyer by day, Mom to a toddler by all hours in Olympia, WA 

My kid is sick, work sucks this week, and I don’t feel particularly powerful, but I love my Fortress of Inca boots. They’re a little rough around the toes, but I can walk for miles in them. Despite, ironically, driving.

Boots are Made for Power

Pictured: Adriana Coco boots by Fortress of Inca


Boots are Made for Power

That’s it! Short and sweet in keeping with holiday exhaustion.


As we move from one year to the next, my next call for submissions focuses on your Fresh Starts.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in iterative growth. At the start of each year I like to think about where I’ve come from and where I’d like to go, and my clothes are a vehicle for visually starting anew while building on what came before.

Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to wear my grandmother’s ring. It’s well outside of my typical style–small diamonds and gold–but she passed away last summer and there’s something about her legacy of grit, wit, and elegance that I’d like to tap into as I begin my 37th year on this planet.

So. Feeling the urge to buy or try something new? What’s your favorite item of clothing, your #1 accessory, or your particular evolving narrative as we head into 2016? What’s inspiring you? What do you want to carry over or shed from 2015?

Email me your Fresh Start pic. submission and story, including your name, age (if you’re comfortable), city/town where you live by January 20. More boots always welcome.


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